A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

She was not the strongest, but she was strong

She was not the fastest, but she was fast

She was not free, but she never stepped back

Captured by the abusive Empire of the Star Worshipers, a slave will rise from the mud of the fighting pits to the arena of the coliseum and confront the corrupt Emperor. Guide her steps and battle against all those who dare to stand in her way!

Tournament mode

Take control of one of the many and distinct fighters available and guide his/her adventures to become the champion of the tournament. Each story is different and you choose how to live it!


Confront in a unique duel any of the Slave Pits characters or a friend in multiplayer mode. Are you skilled enough to win?

Full and supporter versions

Do you like the free version of Slave Pits? Buy the full and/or supporter version at:

Install instructions

Linux and Windows 64-bit: just extract the zip file and execute slavepits.exe

Android: just install the apk from the website. You might need to allow app installations from your browser.


slavepits_l64_v1_02.zip 145 MB
slavepits_w64_v1_02.zip 143 MB
slavepits_v1_02.apk 126 MB


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Fantastic game with a fresh take on gladiator duels.  It also has a multiplayer mode, to get competitive with your friends =) The skill tree is also very polished and deep, with very intricate combinations and combos. 

Glad you liked it!